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Do you have a contractor business offering services such as: painting, plumbing, plastering, electrical, general carpentry, general contracting, taping, roofing etc.?

If you are in Winnipeg or in any other part of Manitoba with many employees or if you are a one-man operation, this site is specifically for YOU!

We know how difficult it is, to not only "do the job" but also take care of the marketing, the estimating, the sales, the paperwork, the suppliers, the payments, the payroll, the collections, etc. etc. etc. and usually all with limited resources and not enough TIME to do it in!

Face it...taking care of all the financial details in your contractor business requires patience and discipline. Too often ignored in favour of the operational components, embracing financials can help the contractor make crucial decisions relating to all-important cash-flow management, growth, and expansion.

One of our goals is to help reduce the stress that all of these demands put on you by providing the tools and a proven system/method to simplify these tasks-something that many small enterprises don't always have the financial or creative resources or the desire to do themselves.

How do we do this? -Glad you asked.... You give us all your receipts, statements, etc. You can do this either by meeting with us, or you can send it to us in a prepaid Express Post envelope. We are in constant communication with all of our clients and never further away than a quick email, text or phone call. We then take your information and enter all the data into our computer in your unique company file. We can then either return the paperwork to you, or it can be kept all together in a safe, secure location ready for your year-end at tax time.

This brings us to another important goal of help you identify potential problems that are impeding your success and potential profitability. Working through your paperwork gives us important insight as to "how things are currently being done" and allows us to suggest improvements where needed and FIX common mistakes that can end up costing you MONEY!

By looking at your business from a financial standpoint, we can pinpoint problem areas, allowing us to offer a great variety of suggestions and information needed to help you run your contracting business the right way, successfully, grow it, and make it PROFITABLE!

My truck is my office!

My truck is my office!

"The devil is in the details"...Let's start with the basics here....your day to day operation, more specifically.....your paperwork. You may think you're getting by just fine by making and sending out invoices etc., but that you don't have the time, the need, or the inclination to use or purchase an accounting software. also don't have the benefit of having all of this information integrated to come together to tell you "the whole picture"-a bunch of spreadsheets can't do that!

Good news.....there is no need for you to purchase an expensive accounting program and then learn it! WE HAVE IT...WE KNOW IT...LET US DO IT!

You will continue making your purchases, collecting your receipts, providing estimates etc. We will help you simplify all of your processes and take the burden of all that data entry off your shoulders. We'll schedule a regular pick up of your paperwork, get it done and then let you know how you're doing, what needs payment and when. We can also let you know when customer payments become due, making sure nothing gets missed.

We'll take you step by step through a systemized process letting you know what to do, providing you with proven methods and the tools to make it happen. By you using these tools will help us to enter your company financial data safely and securely into our Quickbooks Accounting software. We always have and use the most current edition of Quickbooks Premier Accounting Software. It provides the most up to date functions in both accounting and payroll tax tables. Quickbooks is the #1 Accounting software in North America!

This system will consist of customizable, impressive, professional-looking templates complete with your business logo that can be sent to your customers and used for estimating, invoicing, progress billing, correspondence etc.

You will also have the benefit of on-going support with answers to the many questions that arise from running a business. You do what you do best and we'll do what we do best! Together we will have a WIN-WIN situation!

A good place to start is to analyze your own business operation by reading the following will start you on your journey to becoming more profitable!

Click on the link below for the article "10 crucial mistakes that contractors make...and how to fix them".

The site also provides all the "back-end" information about business start up and registration, whether or not you need to register for GST and PST, what the requirements of each are for your specific trade and a built-in feature that can remind you by email of important deadlines for monthly, quarterly or annual remittances.

If you have payroll requirements it will also direct you to the correct site to learn more about these requirements. It can provide you with timely email reminders for remittance dates for source deductions.

We can provide the tools to do all of this yourself or we can do it for you including detailed estimating, job-costing, supplier payments, customer invoicing, financial reporting, as well as payroll. Click on the "IndeCon" Services button or click on the link below to review our procedures.

We have many satisfied customers in the Winnipeg and surrounding area that can attest to our services. Become one of them! Call now to set up a free, no obligation 1 hour consultation. 204-797-6425.

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"Using Indecon Business Services for my contracting business was the best decision I've made in a long time. They not only took care of all of my paperwork but also showed me how to make my jobs more profitable!"

-Brad C.

"I actually have some time to spend with my wife and kids, instead of doing paperwork. Thanks."

-Raul T.

"Neither my brother or I like or are good at hand-writing stuff so we are big fans of using the forms on this website for emailing our quotes and invoices to our customers. We just tell them what we want to say, they send it and we get a copy. Doesn't get any easier than that!"

-Bob and Barry L.

"I've had bookkeepers before that well, did just that, kept the books. With Indecon I have someone who actually cares about how my business is doing. Wow! They meet with me on a regular basis, show me how my jobs are doing, make suggestions for improvements, and probably most important-showed me how to make money!"

-Zack M.

"I will NEVER go back to trying to do my own books...thanks Indecon!"

-Paul C.